2019 Schedule Of Sessions

Instructional Emphasis Sessions

June 17-20
June 24-27
July 8-11
July 22-25
Times: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Location: Ibach Park (Tualatin) *(TBA)

Conditioning Emphasis Sessions

All keepers must have attended at least one Instructional Emphasis session in order to enroll in a Conditioning Emphasis session.

Aug 5–8
Aug 12–15

Times: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Location: Locations (TBA)

Building tomorrow's keepers today

We achieve high results for our students by guaranteeing a four-to-one student-to-instructor ratio.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an environment where committed goalkeepers of all ages can develop advanced understanding of the position of tending goal.

Motivations At GA

All goalkeepers who attend will be motivated to gain a better understanding of their physical strengths and what role these play in their game.

Experience Of GA

The Goalkeeper Academy is in its 31st year. We at GA take our instruction very seriously. Small session sizes and exclusive focus on goalkeeping sets us apart. We realize that there are a number of summer clinics and camps for your son or daughter to attend, and we invite you to email or call so we can explore whether GA is the right choice for your young keeper.

Instructional Emphasis

These are a few of the topics covered at Goalkeeper Academy Clinics.

  • Foot Work

    Proper footwork is critical, and the foundation required to maximize the area the hands can cover.

  • Angle Play

    Knowledge of each keeper's individual strengths and areas of challenge make angle play a huge tactical mindset for each keeper to further develop.

  • Field of Play

    The human body was designed to move forward and it is extremely important that keepers are trained with the big picture; assessments of "worst case scenarios" have to be answered.

  • Judgment on Crosses

    Crosses as well as shot-stopping are about giving each keeper the best fighting chance. Good starting position and proper field of play are keys to success.

  • One-on-One Breakaways

    Perspective is always the key: on a one-on-one breakaway the pressure is on the forward, but when we see our opportunity we must "pounce to win."

  • Increased Foot Speed

    Proper training to increase the keepers foot speed can lead to better closing and better handling.

  • Proper Weight Distribution

    The hands are strongest in front of our feet; with proper technique handling and angles of attack keepers can take the mystery out of catches vs. boxing saves.

  • Covering for Low/High Attempts at Goal

    All too many coaches use the term "dive," which can be a reactive term. We look to reinforce the mindset of "covering the goal." It is our responsibility to "cover."

  • Distribution as the First Point of Attack

    All technical forms of distribution are covered with the emphasis on speed of play in transition, moving quickly from defense to offense in order to catch our opponent out of position.

About Us

Leroy Neal has been instructing goalkeepers for over 25 years and is currently the Goalkeeper Coach for the Westside Timbers Soccer Club and Goalkeeper Trainer at Jesuit High School.